Thank you, Steve

jobs Thank you, Steve, for having applied your enviable talent to turn personal technology into something more attractive.

Thank you for changing the way the world sees the computer.

Thank you for preventing Microsoft from also ruling the mobile world with its bad taste and utterly lack of vision.

Thank you for the always pleasant Macintosh.

Thank you for your obsessive attention to detail, which is, after all, what makes the difference.

Thank you for Apple, for Pixar and for being a dreammer and a visionary.

Thank you, Steve, for everything you have given to the world.

Rest assured that the gifts and talents God blessed you with served to make life a little bit more interesting and fun.

From a big Brazilian fan of yours,


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3 respostas para Thank you, Steve

  1. Chris Ayres disse:

    Great tribute! I’ve learned to appreciate Steve and his work. Especially his example as a professional and how he’s dealt with his ilness and challenges. He is a good example of someone that multiplied his talents, and made the world better with his presence. We lose so much without him, but I pray that he will find rest in God when the time comes.

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